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Classes Offered:

Pre-school: ages 2-4 years Students will participate in a structured dance environment with a teacher and assistant teacher specially trained to work with this age group. Classes will focus on the fundamentals of ballet and tap through the use of bar work, props, and fun dance music. Students will participate in two dances at our annual recital.

 Tumbling: ages 2-4 years This is a 30 minute class that focuses on the beginning level of tumbling and acrobatics. It is designed to increase the flexibility and tumbling skills of our youngest dancers.

Primary: ages 5-6 years Students in this age group may choose between taking combination classes of ballet & tap and/or jazz & hip hop. Students can also take both combination classes which is recommended. The ballet & tap class will continue to build on the fundamentals learned in pre-school classes, while preparing the student for our more rigorous upper level classes. Students taking Primary ballet & tap will have the opportunity to participate in two dances in our annual recital (one ballet, one tap). The jazz & hip hop class will provide an introduction to these disciplines while preparing the student for our more rigorous level classes. Students will participate in one dance in our annual recital.

 Acrobatics: ages 5-18 years There are three levels (divided by age/ability) within these classes. Classes focus on the fundamentals of tumbling and acrobatics. Students will learn a combination of dance and acrobatics for a routine to be performed in the annual recital.

 Levels I through III (Ballet, Jazz, Tap, Hip Hop, Lyrical): ages 8-18 years Students are placed in these classes based on their ability (not their age). Students are advanced to upper levels based on their years of experience, class attendance, and their ability to catch on to new concepts and choreography. Class placement is determined by the child's teacher and the studio director. Students in these classes will participate in one dance for each level in our annual recital. There will be one costume per class.

Adults: ages 19 and above We offer ballet, tap, jazz and Hip Hop for our adults. All the classes are high energy and high impact to allow adults to achieve their fitness goals while also improving dance technique.

Company classes: by invitation only Our company, The Academy of Dance & Performing Arts' Dazzlers, is a highly competitive dance team that focuses on the growth of the child and the team as a whole. Company Classes requires a serious commitment of time and financial support. Students interested in joining the Dazzlers should contact the studio director for more information. Solo, duet, trio classes: by invitation only Private lessons are available for high school seniors interested in performing a solo in our annual recital. Duet and trio classes are available for students in Level II and above. These classes required additional tuition.

 *We limit our class sizes to 10 students in our pre-school classes and 12 in our primary and level classes. (This class size gives both the teachers and students the time and attention they require to conduct a safe and fun classroom environment.

Types of Dance Offered:

For Ages 2-82


Please contact us by email or by phone: 850-277-0636