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The 4 things your should know when Choosing a Dance Studio


Why is this important?

The impact force with which the foot strikes the ground will rebound off the surface and vibrate up through the body as an energy shockwave. This shockwave affects muscles, tendons and leads to joint trauma at the ankle, knee, hip, and lower back. According to Sports Medicine experts, the body feels three times its weight in pressure with each foot-fall while running and up to seven times its weight when it jumps. Jumping on a non-sprung floor can result in shin splints, sprains or worse. True “sprung” dance floors have the right amount of “give” to them. Dancing on concrete or floors laid directly on concrete results in the body absorbing the energy of that impact. A true sprung dance floor means that every point on the dance surface is separated from the concrete surface by air. According to Perry Silvey, the production stage manager of the New York City Ballet, this flooring is injury free and predictable. Concrete floors can create many physical problems for they allow no "give". A properly sprung floor absorbs energy, preventing overuse injuries. The added protection from the "sprung" floor provides consistency and cushioning for the dancer.

Our specially designed floors here at Academy of Dance, consist of a 3” foam padding topped with tongue and grove wood surface to help with the floor's "shock absorption" ability.. This Flooring System is designed to help reduce the risk of injuries and allow students to dance longer without getting tired. You will find a lot of studios skip this important step as these floors are very expensive to install. So before you sign up for classes at any dance studio, ask if they have true sprung floors!


If the dance class has fewer students in it each child will receive more personalized attention, learn more and have more fun. With younger students it is easier for a teacher to maintain control over the class and make sure each student understands the concepts and instructions. Our smaller class sizes make sure that no fundamental concepts are being missed. A smaller class size also allows our teachers to ensure that students are not developing bad habits or improper technique.

Our studio limits all of our classes (ages 6 and up) to a maximum of just 12 students per class. With our younger dance classes (ages 3 - 5) we limit all of our classes to a maximum of just 10 students per class.


An end-of-the year performance is important! It gives a dancer valuable stage experience, as well as the opportunity to use what they’ve learned during the year. Dance is, after all, a performing art!

At Academy of dance, our year-end performance is designed to complement your child’s classroom training - not replace it.


In many studios the teachers or studio director conduct classes in addition to handling all administrative duties. By trying to do two jobs at once, the class may suffer as the teacher has to use valuable class time for customer service issues, or the studio may have no customer service available if the teachers are in class. To have a positive dance experience, it is important to select a studio that can assist you with your questions when you need them answered.

Our studio has office staff on hand during regular class times so you can get the immediate attention you deserve with continuing improving on customer needs by adding new technology to help with their positive experience.

We hope the information presented here helps you find the right dance school for your dancer - one that provides quality instruction in a healthy atmosphere. Even though your child may not want to make dance a career, you still want them to gain proper understanding and an appreciation for the art form. At Academy of Dance, we believe that every child has the right to learn the art form properly - taught by the best instructors available - and have fun doing it! If you have additional questions, please feel free to contact us.

Types of Dance Offered:

For Ages 2-82


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